Outstanding Results

Many congratulations to our Key Stage 4 learners who have achieved fantastic results this summer.  

The atmosphere this morning as you opened your results was memorable and having worked so hard you deserved to do so well.  

 We are very proud of you and we look forward to seeing you in the Sixth Form.

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Shaken, not stirred

SHAJID Noor was left shaken, not M16stirred after he won the chance to interview the country’s spy chief.

Picture: From left to right, Ben Robertson, Judicium mentor, Rhiannon Bartlett, business guru Shajid Noor and the multi-talented Georgia Chard.

Lliswerry HighSchool’s budding business man, won a place on the Judicium, Aspirational Work Experience Programme, 2016, a prestigious placement for promising pupils. The course asks students to create Dragon’s Den-style pitches and gives them insights into working in top firms and studying at elite universities.

As a reward for getting on the elite course, Shajid, of year 13, was given the chance to get a glimpse of life in the glamorous world of Her Majesty’s secret service.

Shajid was one of seven lucky students from Wales chosen for this year’s week-long course in Imperial College, London. To win a place, Shajid simply had to say why he deserved to be on team Judicium.

“I was really pleased to learn that I had been chosen, it is an honour”, said the modest and unfazed student. Shajid added: “Going to Mi6 Headquarters was a real thrill and topped the week off.”

Shajid and his six colleagues were split into two teams, each had to put together a presentation on a Wales-based business model suitable for the world of 2040 and pitch it to a dragons’ den panel.

Jointly, the busy students also had to do a pitch on why contemporary Wales is a great place for young people to start a business.

Former Wales rugby international Tony Copsey, now CEO of an investment firm, put the finalists through their paces.  The former lineout ace was converted by Shajid’s calm, leadership and willingness to try and get over the line. “Every team needs a leader. Everyone led this team, but Shajid was the one who held them all together,” said the scarlet legend, when asked about Shajid’s calm and directing manner.

The inspirational investment CEO added: “I run a successful business and I can say Shajid is one impressive young man.”

Catcher Copsey warned Shajid’ s team, the dragons would scorch them if they detected any weakness in idea, confidence, presentation or execution.

Judicium director, Alex Mehta, was present when both groups presented. “It’s no surprise to me that both groups silenced the panel and left them with nothing but positives to say. It’s something I have never seen before. This is a special group of pupils and they deserve all the praise they get”

Shajid’s group envisaged a fitbit-inspired bracelet that watches your health, gives warnings and alerts doctors, should your ticker pack in.

The group’s science fiction style pitch on 2040-imagined tech was inspired by research into real developments in the past, rigorous research into what is possible and available now, aided by hours of hard work. The group called their product Calon, after the Welsh for heart.

At the beginning of the week, lineout ace Copsey, told the students that success is all about leadership, teamwork and using all and every available talent.

The final pitches were presented at Cardiff’s College of Music and Drama. Fittingly, Shajid’s group used the ability of multi-talented Georgia Chard, who beautifully sang the opening lines of Calon Lan. Her voice and unexpected opening, wowed the normally fierce dragons. Goosebumps, not fire, reported the once fierce critics.

Judicium’s Director Alex Mehta expressed delight that both pitches left the panel punch drunk with admiration: “The entire panel was won over by the research, maturity and presentation of both teams. This is a special bunch of pupils and they deserve all the praise and future success they get.”

Interpreting National Reading and Numeracy Test Results

During the summer term all children in Years 2-9 in Wales will have sat the National Literacy and Numeracy tests. These tests are part of the Welsh Government National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) which has been created to help the children of Wales develop excellent Literacy and Numeracy skills during their time at school.

Please note these are National compulsory tests and all students across Wales sat the appropriate test for their Year Group. Students sat a total of three National tests, 1 Reading and 2 Numeracy.

A short animation which will take you through the National Reading and Numeracy Test reports, can be viewed below.

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