Year 7 Trip to London

London2015_145 Year 7 pupils took part in the annual trip to London in March. Three days were jammed packed with sight-seeing and fun activities which all the pupils thoroughly enjoyed. This year’s trip included a visit to Wembley Stadium; going to London Zoo; a flight on the London Eye; mingling with the stars at Madame Tussauds; seeing the sharks and penguins at the London Aquarium; taking in the stunning Crown Jewels at the Tower of London; being scared by the actors in the London Dungeons; having dinner at the Rainforest Café, and seeing the top West End show – Thriller Live. We did go and see if the Queen was in at Buckingham Palace but she was out on that day! All the pupils had a great time and were exhausted upon their return to Newport.
Charlotte Scott said “she had a fantastic time at Wembley Stadium and loved seeing all theamazing creatures at the Aquarium. She loved the whole experience and wants to go back again”.

“I loved the London Dungeons and my favourite part was seeing all the teachers being scared as it was really funny. Everyone enjoyed themselves lots. I will never forget London 2015” – Penny Baxter-Tolcher

Keegan Price’s best bit was “going to Madame Tussauds as even though the statues weren’t real, they looked like real people. I had my photo taken with Tom Cruise, Katness Everdeen (Hunger Games) and James Bond. In the Tower of London we went on a great journey, up the Tower through history. We saw one of the Ravens which was very large and quite scary. It was a pleasure to eat in one of the few Rainforest Cafes in the world and the food was delicious. I think everyone should go on this trip”.


Techniquest Comes to Lliswerry High

Thursday 26th February saw representatives from Techniquest visit the school to work with the Year 10 physics pupils. They set the class a challenge of building a fully functioning crane using the K-Nect building system. The students were then asked to improve the efficiency of their design. The students had put their numeracy, problem solving and communication skills to full use. This was the second Techniquest event of the week. Earlier in the week, the class visited Techniquest in Cardiff Bay to take part in the Physics Problem Solving Day. All pupils enjoyed both the visit to Techniquest and the activities in school.


8GMK Helping the RSPCA

8GMK are beginning a project to help the local RSPCA here in Newport. They will be collecting old jumpers to transform into beds to donate to the animals in the Newport RSPCA centre.

“Our generous class would like to help the RSPCA in our community. We would be really grateful if you could donate any unwanted jumpers, pillows or blankets to our class so that we can make these beds. Nothing needs to be new, just anything you are not going to use anymore” Teagan Mathias.

RSPCAWe will keep you updated of our progress on this project. So please, if you have any unwanted jumpers (the brighter the better) pass them onto 8GMK and it will go to a very good cause. Thank you for your help.

History Homework

Two Year 7 classes, 7KC and 7STM completed Motte and Bailey castle projects as a homework task. Pupils were asked to either make a model or draw an accurate picture of a Motte and Bailey castle. Lilly Power, in 7KC, made a huge model, which demonstrated her excellent understanding and all the learning she had achieved in her history lessons. It was so big, her dad had to bring it into school for her!

Well done Lilly!HIstory1

Teaching & Learning @Lliswerry

iPad1We are very excited that we now have 130 iPads to support Teaching & Learning. These
have been used to support learners in all year groups in many different subjects. They are also used in the new Learning Zone to support learners with their reading through the virtual library.

Pupils have said that they enjoy using the iPads in lessons as it helps them to learn more

We have 5 members of staff who are our ‘iPad Champions’ who are investigating how to use the iPads to impact on learning and progress.

Careers and the World of Work

As part on an on-going Careers and World of Work programme 13 Year 10 pupils who expressed an interest in an engineering apprenticeship visited the Newport & District Group Training Association Centre (NDGTC) where pupils received talks from:
• Industrial Automation & Control (IAC) – systems integration design & installation
• Zodiac Aerospace – design/manufacture of Premium airline seats
• AB Inbev UK – part of the world’s largest brewer
• Meritor HVBS – manufacture of heavy vehicle braking systems

The sessions were run by a mix of Training Managers, Managing Directors and current engineering apprentices. The pupils gained valuable insights into what the apprenticeships involved, the structure of the course and the recruitment selection process.

The pupils then went to the Eden Education Centre to take part in a Lego Education ‘Mindstorms’ session. The exciting LEGO® MINDSTORMS sessions enable students to build, program and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology. It contains the EV3 Intelligent Brick, a powerful small computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback, as well as providing programming and
data logging. Students are encouraged to brainstorm in order to find creative solutions to problems and then develop them through a process of selecting, building, testing and evaluating them. This is also an excellent way of getting students to talk to each other and co-operate as well as giving them hands on experience with an array of sensors, motors and intelligent units. Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a classroom, inspiring our future engineers!

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and will hopefully be able to complete a more
advanced Lego Mindstorm session in the future.

Lauren Cain – Darts Champion

I have played darts since the ages of 12. I first got selected to play for Wales U18 team in 2013, that year I played in Scotland (British Internationals) and Hungary (Europe Cup). The following year I got selected again, I played in England and Austria. This is my final year in U18 level, I will be playing in Wales in April and Denmark in July, as this is my last year I have been selected as captain. Throughout the year I also play in tournaments such as the Welsh Open, Youth Festival of Darts and the Winmau World Masters.


Corey Prothero Represents GB at Karate

Corey writes….. There is a squad that travels around the world competing from our local federation. We travelled to compete in Brussels, Belgium for four days. At the competition there were four categories: breaking, weapon forms, forms and sparing.

First was breaking. For this I did a step side kick, back kick and an elbow. I came joint second with another competitor and then we both had to do a back kick again. At the end the other competitor came second and I came third and got a bronze medal.

Then I did weapon forms. In weapon forms I used a staff and did a form called staff form number two. Here I came first place and won a gold medal. Third, I did forms. In forms I did a form called chill sung ell ro and I came first and got a gold medal.

Finally I did sparring. The first person I sparred with was two feet taller than me but I beat him by two points (You need to beat them by 4 points to win). The second fight I had was with someone taller than me again but I beat him 4-0. The last fight I had was with someone who was finally about the same height as me, before the fight my instructor said try and win in 30 seconds (each fight lasted one minute) at the end my instructor asked the judges who were time keeping time how long it was, I won the fight 4-0 and in 22 seconds!

At the end of the competition they took a group photo of everybody who
competed. I had a really good time and came back with some medals.


Animation Club

Every Tuesday the ICT department holds a lunchtime animation club. The pupils are currently in the middle of creating their very own road safety animation video.

The pupils have enjoyed spending time working with animation clay; learning how to mould and make objects they can use within their videos. They have also taken started to learn how to use animation software and green screens.